Pencil Cactus Plant (Euphorbia tirucalli)

The Pencil Cactus Plant is an upright growing spineless succulent which has smooth deep green pencil-like stems. The leaves are very small and lost quickly leaving the a stem looking like a green pencil hence its name. The plant blooms all year

This cactus really likes the sun and thrives in bright light or sunlight. It should only be watered when dry. As a a houseplant it thrives in even the driest atmosphere with ordinary soil some feed and water. This cactus is highly tolerant to drought so going off on an extended holiday is not a problem. The Pencil cactus however cannot tolerate freezing, so don't forget to keep it warm during the winter months.

If you have the space the pencil cactus can be trained and shaped to your liking. It is best propagated by cuttings. Allow the cuttings to callous over before potting.