Welcome to you, the indoor cactus grower

You like me, are probably fascinated by cactus and succulents. They look so fragile but are so hardy! On these pages you will find information on how to get started on growing your own indoor cactus garden. You will also find links to suppliers and tips on maintaining your prized possession.

Cacti are low maintence plants, they are the best indoor plants requiring little attention.

So what is a cactus? Cacti can be recognised by five characteristics.

  1. All cactus have spine cushions called areoles. In some types of cacti the actual spines are absent, but the cushions nevertheless have spines or fine hairs that have bards on their ends, called glochids. Some cacti have both spines and glochids.
  2. All cacti are perennial meaning they live year after year.
  3. The fruit of a cactus is berry which encloses the seeds.
  4. The flower on these plants is always attached to the top of the fruit.
  5. Cacti seeds are dicotyledons. This simply means that the seed is made up of two halves just like a broad bean.

When all these characteristics are present you know you have a cactus plant.

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